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reuben Wu

'Surreal World', 2013.

Reuben Wu is a photographer and musician born in Liverpool, England. In his visual work he is primarily interested in hidden places which he has a subconscious connection with. Usually he travels where there is a sign of humanity in the landscape, for example a trace of history or a forgotten story.But his ‘Ultima Esperanza’ series is slightly different from that. It shows a popular hiker’s destination in which still was a presence of human intervention. ‘I was particularly engaged with my hike over Grey Glacier where stepping off the land onto a perilous sea of ice was an especially disorientating experience.’ His pictures of his tour seem striking and surreal, almost like shots from another world.

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I really really really want to do shrooms tonight

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DYSTOPIA at the A-Zone, Chicago, IL July, ‘96

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Designer Jenn Lee
Hair Little Secret 吉開紅



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Jim Morrison in HWY: An Americal Pastoral

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